USG Ecosmart Type X Panels

Photo Credit: USG


Standard gypsum wallboard’s carbon footprint is magnified by the sheer number of panels sold. Using EcoSmart as a drop-in replacement can reduce a building’s embodied carbon without requiring any other changes to the building. Benefits include1:

  1. requires 25% less water to produce
    • less water = less energy to dry the panels = 20% less CO2 during manufacturing
    • 2M sf of EcoSmart used on a large multifamily project would generate 121 tons less CO2 and use 137,000 gallons less water during manufacturing
  2. 22% lighter
    • lighter = more panels can be shipped per truck, reducing the number of trucks on the road, their transportation energy, and their emissions
    • lighter = faster and safer to install, takes fewer workers, and reduces installation costs
  3. can substitute for much heavier, and more expensive, Type C drywall typically used in ceiling assemblies
    • simplifies jobsite stocking and reduce the chance of accidentally installing Type X inappropriately

EcoSmart panels are Greenguard Gold certified for emissions and are Declare Red List Free.