Pat Cupay


Pat graduated from Bucknell University in May 2021 in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where she obtained a degree in Civil Engineering. She’s currently based in Baltimore where she works as a Project Engineer at Whiting Turner and is able to apply her knowlege from Spec Matters in her work within the commercial construction industry. 
Pat had joined the Spec Matters team as a Future Map Fellow, a program focused on helping first-gen college grads prepare for the workforce and fulfill their potential.  She stayed on to join Spec Matters long-term and has been a tremendous asset in content building and mentoring other fellows as they begin their healthy building journeys.

Pat loves to be surrounded by a community with supportive individuals who grow together, professionally and personally. She is also interested in finding and living a lifestyle that promotes and implements sustainability in all aspects of life. She hopes to encourage others, especially family and friends, to be intentional with what we do with our finite resources.