Material Bank

Photo Credit: Material Bank


Material Bank, the world’s largest material marketplace for the architecture and design industry, is the fastest and most powerful way to search and sample materials.  It is a free resource to all design professionals.


Samples are collected from manufacturers and delivered to you overnight in thoughtful, proprietary packaging.  The trays are reusable and returnable in efforts to reduce waste.  Pre-paid return packs are also available to be reused rather than recycled – eliminating waste.


Material Bank is a great resource for interior designers and architects who often need samples to create material palettes and client presentations. 

The bank offers inspiration palettes and allows products to be filtered by color, flammability, price, construction, pattern, etc.  It’s easy to use and helpful in finding a material specific to any project’s needs. 


Check out their Explore Tab – Sustainability Section to find products that are LEED compliant, have Declare – LBC Redlist Free approvals, and meet other sustainability goals. 


Visit Material Bank’s Knowledge Bank™ for an unbiased source of knowledge designed to educate architects, interior designers, and design professionals on key material insights. This resource is an extension of Material Bank and is created and maintained by its material research team in collaboration with industry experts.