Cloë Di Flumeri


Cloë Di Flumeri (they/she) recently graduated summa cum laude from Widener University, where they received a Bachelor of Arts in political science, international relations, and English. As a student researcher and activist, Cloë has a strong background in LGBTQ+ advocacy, environmental justice, and conflict studies. As a writer and poet, she serves as the founding co-editor and creative director of the online LGBTQ+ literary magazine, The Q&A Queerzine and volunteers with the Moonstone Arts Center editorial staff.
Cloë is looking forward to channeling her love of writing and research to the mission of Spec Matters. She is curious and motivated to learn more about the intersections of architecture, construction, and public health inequity. Through their position as a research and content fellow, Cloë hopes to make actionable contributions to sustainable development, specifically in regard to climate and environmental justice. 
In the coming years, Cloë hopes to pursue a graduate degree while continuing to write and edit creatively. They hope to center their career on the intersectionality of human rights in regard to climate, gender, and conflict.