Avery Bohman


Avery is an undergraduate student at The University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. She’s pursuing a major in English with a minor in Sustainability. She’s the Fall 2021 Secretary and a member of Pledge Committee of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity. She enjoys giving back to her community through this organization and working with a group of dedicated people. 


Avery loves creative writing, proofreading and editing.  She’s also invested in learning about sustainable and clean alternatives and lifestyles. At Spec Matters she’s able to use her skills to help educate others on important health and sustainability initiatives to keep our environment and homes safer for all.

Avery is keeping her options open for career paths post-graduation and in the meantime is focused on pursing her passion for learning.  Some personal goals she’s hoping to accomplish include writing and publishing a novel, traveling to see a coral reef, and traveling to other parts of the world to aid others.